Charities & Care

Societal change brings new and enhanced challenges to the charity and care sectors, requiring specialist insurance advice.

Employee Benefits

In today’s competitive employment market a well-designed benefits package is essential to attract, retain and reward high quality talent.  We focus on designing attractive benefit plans which enable your business to offer market leading solutions.

Global Programs

Experience in arranging global programmes, and mature relationships around the world, are an essential of insuring the modern business.

Tech & Innovation

We have developed a flexible ‘full service’ proposition for today’s technology businesses, and commit to continually innovating our solutions for our clients’ evolving needs.


It is important that the insurance a modern business buys represents its challenges in the marketplace, as opposed to a traditional insurance package.

Category: Covid-19

It’s not just about PPE

In this extract from innovation Broking’s recent webinar, Charlotte Rowe of Markel’s Care Risk Advisory Practice, looks at risk management for the Health, Social Care, Education and Charities sectors in the new normal. This is an excellent overview of how the future will look with great user friendly check lists and advice. Charlotte is a... read more

Cyber criminals are not taking a furlough, and love that you are working from home.

In this extract from a recent Innovation Broking webinar, Dr Danny Steed takes us through simple to understand steps to ensure that our home security is as good as it can be, with valuable tips and shortcuts, and comment on videoconferencing security.” Danny is head of strategy at Resolve Cyber and author of two leading... read more

Covid-19 resilience insurance checklist – Easter 2020

Drawing on discussions with you, our clients, we are sharing a checklist of the key insurance considerations we believe to be relevant to the current circumstances. Please talk to us about any of the points raised, we are keen to help you. You can reach us via our switchboard number which diverts to our homes,... read more

Covid-19 – The Impact on Employee Benefit Insurances

As we enter another week of lockdown, the statistics surrounding Covid-19 become more concerning and the impact upon business takes a stronger grip, a number of questions arise as to how the virus, and the actions being taken by business in the face of the challenges it raises, can impact on the insurance policies companies... read more

Practical insurance advice about Covid-19

Unlike many of our clients, we have the privilege of being able to work from home – and we plan to maintain a full service. We have also doubled our claims resource and hired 15% more staff in the last month, which will assist our resilience. Our claims team is working flat out at present,... read more

Covid-19 Briefing note

General Overview  The priority of the Government at present is to contain the spread of the virus by isolation. This involves physical locations being locked down and those known or suspected of having the virus being locked in. Voluntary measures are also being taken by event organisers to support this.  If this strategy fails to... read more