Charities & Care

Societal change brings new and enhanced challenges to the charity and care sectors, requiring specialist insurance advice.

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In today’s competitive employment market a well-designed benefits package is essential to attract, retain and reward high quality talent.  We focus on designing attractive benefit plans which enable your business to offer market leading solutions.

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Experience in arranging global programmes, and mature relationships around the world, are an essential of insuring the modern business.

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We have developed a flexible ‘full service’ proposition for today’s technology businesses, and commit to continually innovating our solutions for our clients’ evolving needs.


It is important that the insurance a modern business buys represents its challenges in the marketplace, as opposed to a traditional insurance package.

Charities & Care

Societal change brings new and enhanced challenges to the charity and care sectors, requiring specialist insurance advice.

Special Schools

Special Schools frequently sit in-between insurers’ appetites. They are not a typical charity nor a typical education risk. There is a real risk that insurance normal in one sector is not known in the other, and can lead to gaps in cover.

Whilst protecting students and staff from injury is at the top of everybody’s agenda, and paramount in the school’s safeguarding policies, there are many other risks a school has to address.

School staff who are required to drive minibuses and large vehicles may require additional driving skills, not least the ability to manage potentially distracting situations when carrying multiple students. Schools have a duty of care to drivers to ensure adequate training in this discipline.

Medical records held by Special Schools are highly desirable to cyber thieves, with rich contextual information that can be exploited for use in social engineering or impersonation fraud. When combined with your regulatory requirements, your data policy becomes a key pillar of your insurable risk analysis.

In many Special Schools there is the danger from the unintended enemy within: the advanced student hacker. Many students may be more proficient with technology than the school management. This requires belt and braces IT security.

Trustees are also increasingly aware that their Trustees Indemnity cover is unlikely to include personal injury following abuse or malpractice. With claims often brought many years after the allegation, Trustees will seek assurance that the underlying abuse and malpractice cover is robust and sufficient.

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10 considerations for special schools

  1. Choose a bespoke “Special Schools” product, rather than a school or a charity product
  2. A tested continuity plan is critical as students need ongoing care in the event of an uninhabitable building
  3. Employee training for all difficult situations
  4. Instantly accessible cyber event first response services
  5. Making sure insurance is robust in areas of safeguarding, abuse and malpractice
  6. Relevant regulatory requirements should underpin all operations and thinking
  7. A rigorous IT security policy, and device estate, all constantly monitored
  8. Tested cyber breach plan
  9. Duty of care to protect Trustees, and explain coverage to them
  10. An insurer who has an interest in your sector

Innovation Broking works extensively with, and is a member and conference attendee at, the National Association of Special Schools. We have the experience and capacity to deliver optimal risk advice and the ability to work effectively with your internal team and external professionals. Innovation Broking is completely independent and non-aligned to any one insurer. Contact us today for further information or assistance. 



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