Employee Benefits

In today’s competitive employment market a well-designed benefits package is essential to attract, retain and reward high quality talent.  We focus on designing attractive benefit plans which enable your business to offer market leading solutions.

Global Programs

Experience in arranging global programmes, and mature relationships around the world, are an essential of insuring the modern business.

Tech & Innovation

We have developed a flexible ‘full service’ proposition for today’s technology businesses, and commit to continually innovating our solutions for our clients’ evolving needs.


It is important that the insurance a modern business buys represents its challenges in the marketplace, as opposed to a traditional insurance package.

About Us

Innovation Broking is an independent commercial insurance broker, specialising in board level advice and risk management services for larger UK based companies.




Our Values

  • Honesty
  • Doing the right thing
  • Continuous improvement
  • Respect for everyone
  • Open minded
  • Enjoyment from work
  • Independence

Our Behaviours


Using sector expertise gained from practical experience and technical knowledge to create an optimised client outcome


To our clients, our suppliers, our colleagues and the wider social and political world


Recognising the solution needed by the client and building this into our problem solving

Relationship builders

Acutely aware that the best results come from the best relationships


Recognising that insurance capacity (as opposed to insurance expertise) can often be arbitraged to our clients’ advantage


Genuine effort and enthusiasm in providing client solutions

Service led

Acknowledging ‘follow the sun’ reality and time-poor status of most clients


Providing clear and accessible information

Value deliverers

Remunerated by clients and insurers based on value delivered and acknowledged


Providing total solutions for our clients wherever they work

Contributors to the debate

Joining and leading industry forums as knowledge leaders


Enjoying and marking success

Our Partners

We are very pleased to be actively partnered with the following organisations where Paul Dickson currently sits on the board of senior committees and where Howard Pearson has held these roles in the past.  We firmly believe that only by active immersion in quality trade bodies can we truly gain competitive advantage for our clients.


The Worldwide Insurance Network Group (WING) is a select panel of independent insurance brokers providing a coordinated, integrated insurance and risk management solution for businesses who operate on the global stage.


Innovation Broking is the UK member of TechAssure – the highly acclaimed non-profit association of international insurance brokers who focus on technology related risks and high growth PE backed businesses.


The British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA) is the UK’s leading general insurance intermediary organisation representing the interests of insurance brokers, intermediaries and their customers.

Paul Dickson sits on BIBA’s smaller broker advisory panel dealing with major issues affecting the industry.

Our Investors

We are delighted to have as Investors into our business, Albion Capital, one of the largest independent venture capital investors in the UK.  Click here to learn more about Albion Capital

Albion Capital press release about the innovation Broking investment

In the community

Cassiobury Rangers FC U9 in 2015 ( Parental permissions obtained)

Innovation is very proud to sponsor the Cassiobury Rangers FC U9s coached by Innovation’s own Andy Draper.  They are based at Parmiters School in Garston, North Watford which offers a safe and fun environment in which they can enjoy their football and improve their skills.

Innovation Broking partners SportsAid to fund Great Britain's brightest sporting prospects

Innovation Broking Ltd is delighted to announce that we are supporting 5 of GB’s most talented young athletes as they undertake their journey to being the best competitor they can be.

Why we joined the EBN

If there are any climate change doubters now, they are few and far between.

The world is increasingly aware of the crisis we face but individuals still wonder if their small contributions to change will make a difference. We hope they do and, certainly, the power of the consumer (all of us) is huge and can force change through what and where they buy goods and services.

What we do know, however, is that the private sector has a massive role to play in reversing the climate crisis, yet we also have to run our businesses profitably as well as sustainably.

The two are compatible and we believe that every business that embraces a different way of doing things can, and will, benefit commercially. Those that don’t will be left behind as new business models emerge.

But no one has the perfect blueprint yet. We are all learning and sharing every day which is why we are proud to be founder members of the Environmental Business Network (www.theebn.co.uk).

As a network our mantra is Learn, Share, Connect because we believe that even competitive organisations can collaborate for the good of the planet whilst benefiting commercially.

Credit card payments

Visa Mastercard Maestro

We accept credit card payments for most personal insurance policies. Documentation may be delivered via email or a paper copy in the post to you. Click here for more information.