Employee Benefits

In today’s competitive employment market a well-designed benefits package is essential to attract, retain and reward high quality talent.  We focus on designing attractive benefit plans which enable your business to offer market leading solutions.

Global Programs

Experience in arranging global programmes, and mature relationships around the world, are an essential of insuring the modern business.

Tech & Innovation

We have developed a flexible ‘full service’ proposition for today’s technology businesses, and commit to continually innovating our solutions for our clients’ evolving needs.


It is important that the insurance a modern business buys represents its challenges in the marketplace, as opposed to a traditional insurance package.

Charities & Care

Societal change brings new and enhanced challenges to the charity and care sectors, requiring specialist insurance advice.


Innovation Broking – part of Howden – are the leading insurance experts within the Hospice sector. Our extensive experience and knowledge mean that we understand your unique challenges and we can design a tailored insurance solution for your specific risks.

We’re not just insurance brokers. We join your team to provide board level advice; educate you on risks inherent with Hospices, alongside more traditional risk; provide mitigation and most importantly fortify your organisation with suitable and tailored insurance. For example, we understand the clinical risks for Hospices associated with end-of-life care and medical malpractice and can offer you specialist insurer solutions.

As part of Howden, we can offer our clients access to their specialised Care Scheme – designed for organisations such as Hospices – which offer a great proposition at a very cost-effective price point. We are yet to find a hospice which we cannot insure, for example, we would have no issue finding a suitable insurance solution for a hospice with 20 charity shops.
Join satisfied hospice providers who rely on Innovation Broking for comprehensive coverage including liability, property, staff, motor fleet, employee benefits and more.

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Innovation Broking – part of Howden is proud to be the latest addition to HQP’s approved supplier portfolio. HQP brings Hospices choice and quality for over 30 products and services. HQP offers solutions that complement your local services and provide an alternative quote to ensure you get the best value and over possible in these challenging times.

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